We are always interested to hear from singers who wish to join the project!


Please listen to our Spotify Playlist, and read our project description before applying, to make sure that this is the right choir for you.  If you like what you read, and feel that the project resonates with you, please fill in our online application form and upload a demo mp3.


Deadline for Summer '22 Term Applications:  25th April '22

Membership Fee due: 29th April '22





  • Enthusiasts of progressive popular music, who are wishing to experience the connection and creative potential of singing in a choir/being part of a musical community. 

  • Dedicated vocalists, who want to work at an advanced, semi-professional level, and are able to give the time, care and commitment to the rehearsal process which makes this possible.

  • An ability to demonstrate solid foundation skills in rhythm, pitch, harmony, vocal technique and music theory, with enough confidence and heart to take these to the next level. 

  • A willingness to actively build on existing skills or areas of weakness, either by investing in external personal training, and/or signing up to our additional workshops that address these, inc. vocal technique, score reading, choral singing skills, and body/vocal percussion.

  • A generosity of spirit, and a healthy attitude towards voice and collaboration.

  • A genuine value of good music, and the time and energy it takes to create it.  







It takes a lot of time, energy and love to make original, high-quality music that moves people. It is also a beautiful thing when a group of people commit to one another and a process, as connections run deeper, and we can make amazing things happen. We are therefore only looking for participants who want this, and can commit to one full term of rehearsals at a time, plus a final performance. Please be completely honest with yourself about whether or not this is realistic for you. If you know from the outset that you will miss more than 2 rehearsals in one term, then this isn’t the right project for you at this time. Please note, therefore, that we are unable to offer refunds on membership once a commitment has been made, if you decide you need to cancel your participation.





Each rehearsal will begin with 30 mins of warm-up and technical skill building relevant to the pieces we’ll be singing. These may include exercises that develop ear training, vocal technique, agility, expression, improvisation, support, breathing, rhythm, voice blending, vocal health, mind-body awareness, group connection and musical team building. We will have a 10 minute break half-way through each session. We will work towards one main, bespoke performance per term, which may or may not be in collaboration with an external artist. 


Due to the advanced nature of the material, and limitations on time, parts are only partially taught in our session time. Scores and recordings for new material, therefore, are given 1-2 weeks in advance of rehearsals with instructions and it is expected that singers arrive with their parts pre-prepared. This is so we can then focus on bringing the parts together as a whole group and work on enjoying and refining them, without long periods of waiting for different sections to absorb their parts. 


Informal practice groups for individual sections are arranged between members roughly every 2 weeks, in order to support one another’s practice outside of the sessions, and to generate a social connection between singers. It is also expected that members attend at least 1-2 of these per term. Total practise time outside of sessions is estimated at being 1-2 hours per week.





Monday evenings, 6.45-9.15pm. Hannah Moore Primary School, New Kingsley Rd, St Philips, Bristol, BS2 0LT. For more rehearsal venue details see:




9th May - 4th July (8 weeks)

Half term break 30th May

Performances late June / early July tbc.


We are committed to creating a Covid-secure rehearsal and performance experience, which falls in line with the most up to date research and regulations for choirs, as detailed here.  More details are provided in the application form. 



(8 x week term)


£ 80 / 100 / 120 Sliding Scale (due before 29th April).



Once you have been offered a place, membership is confirmed by payment in full on a first come first serve basis, by 29th April. Please note, that due to the time and resource it takes to organise a project of this scale, we are unable to offer refunds once a commitment has been made, even if we need to cancel the project due to another rise in Covid-19.



Fees Cover:

  • 8 x 2.5 hr whole group rehearsals. 

  • An inspiring and supportive rehearsal venue to practice in each week, with facilitates available for refreshments and break-out groups.

  • Original, creative and high-quality arrangements of respected contemporary pieces that have largely never been arranged, scored or sung by another choir before.  

  • Scores, recordings, and experiential exercises provided to aid Visual, Aural and Kinesthetic learning of the material. 

  • Highly trained, experienced and in-demand leaders and professionals, to support your musical experience. 

  • A holistic, mind-body approach to voice and group work, infused with industry-standard, scientifically evidenced practice.  

  • One atmospheric, industry-standard concert performance each term.  

  • The opportunity to sing, connect, and be apart of a community with other singers/musicians who are committed to their practise, are wishing to work at a higher musical level, share a love of the same music, and have been carefully selected by the project through an application process. 

  • Rare opportunities to learn and collaborate with established artists, who are in keeping with the style and ethos of the project, in bespoke performances and projects. 

  • Email, text, social media and administration support for choir members. 

  • Further opportunities for singers wishing to expand their skill set, performance CV, and music career.

  • High-quality photography, footage and recordings of your work with the project.  

  • A conscious message that empowers people and planet through music.   






Although the cost of our choir membership is as compassionately priced as is possible for the project to run sustainably, there will still be highly talented and dedicated vocalists who, due to restrictions in income, health, or opportunity, may not be able to take part, but would like to. This makes us sad, as we aim to be as inclusive as possible.


We are currently only funded by membership fees, and as we explore other funding options and income streams, we welcome donations and sponsorship from supporters of the project and/or members who feel able to give more than the asking membership fee. This helps us to provide more equal opportunities to deserving applicants for whom membership fees are a barrier. 


If you would like to make a donation, or offer sponsorship, please contact us, or make a donation here.