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We know that this project brings a lot of joy into the world and, like all music, it's existance is important. Like most music, however, so much more time, energy and love goes into creating it than can ever be reflected in the price of a concert ticket. Art has always traditionally been sponsored by those in a position to support it but, unfortunately for the UK, it is often the first thing to be cut from Government funding. 


We would love to build a relationship with those who enjoy what we do, resonate with our vision for music, and would like to support the survival of the project, which is currently run by a team of volunteers, and a handful of very busy staff. We are working on finding more creative and engaging ways to monetize what we do, but for now, if you are interested in becoming a patron, or making a one-off donation which can support us to bring meaningful and creative music to people, please contact us here, or donate here:







With much love & thanks, Murmuration Choir x

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