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Murmuration Choir - Rehearsal 1 + New Music links

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Email sent: 18th Dec

Dear Singers,

I hope this finds you all well and that you have enjoyed a lovely summer :)

This email is intended to welcome you all to the new term, share the plan for our first session next Monday & links to our first piece of music, followed by a rehearsal structure & etiquette reminder. First, some announcements...


- Our member's area will be up and running next week, where you will be able to easily access music links, all communication updates, plus important dates and information.

- We are accepting proposals for self-led acapella pieces that singer's in the group would like to perform during our set at the final show in December, which are in keeping with the style of music that we sing. More details to follow, deadline for proposals is 14th October.  

- Our final show date is Saturday 7th December, more details to follow, but have this in your diaries.

- Printing - we now request that members print own scores for personal use. We will have spare copies which you are welcome to use in rehearsals, but we ask that you return these at the end of the sessions unmarked. Thanks :)

Rehearsal 1 - Monday 23rd Sept.

New Material - Please prepare 'After the Rain' by Little Dragon, up until bar 80 (end of 2nd verse). 

Links for scores and audio:

After the Rain - Audio (*N.B. Bass parts are the octave below recordings)

We will work on this for the first 2 weeks, and begin our 2nd piece in week 3. Links to follow. 

Pre-existing Material - taken forward from 2018/19: 'Golden', 'Trans Fatty Acid', 'Choir to the Wild', and 'Green Garden'. 

On Monday, we will sing 'Golden' and 'Choir to the Wild'. 

Rehearsal Structure:

6.30 pm - Arrive to start at 6.45 pm. Remember to sign fire register. 

6.45 pm - Warm-up & icebreakers, beginning with stretches 

7.15 pm - We will usually begin working on our material in our break-out groups, but with introductions in our first rehearsal, will most likely begin this around 7.20-30 pm

8 pm - 10 minute break 

8.10 pm - Whole group rehearsal of pieces

9.10 pm - Warm-down & check-out 

9.15 pm - Pack-down

9.30 pm - Everyone out of building, feel free to join us in the Barley Mow Pub

Rehearsal Etiquette Reminder:

- Be mindful of time-keeping, especially when beginning the session and coming back from breaks, so we can make efficient use of our singing time. 

- If you are late, please contact the care-taker Bob to get into the building - 07766065032. Please then sign the fire register with your sub-leaders. Also let them know if you will miss the session.

- Join in with the 'Shhhhh' when you hear it, and pause all conversations, so that we can bring focus back to the group when it has been lost.

- Switch phones onto flight mode.

- If you need to bring a 3rd party - visitor, child, dog etc. - please check in with us about it before the session. 

- Take all cups back to the kitchen and wash before leaving.

- Feel free to bring nibbles to share for the break :)

That's it for now, let me know if you have any questions,

Kind Regards,

Isolde x

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