Murmuration Choir is a 68 voiced, contemporary choral project, based in Bristol. It brings together a collective of singers and artists dedicated to their craft, who share a passion for the music of visionaries and innovators of 21st-century popular music. Largely inspired by 6Music DJs, and the alternative music scene, our repertoire draws from a palate of Indie, Neo-Soul, Electronic, and Experimental sound, and is realised into 8-part vocal harmony, soundscape, effects and percussion. 


Contributing to a new culture of vocal music that is emerging, Murmuration  Choir follows in the footsteps of London Contemporary Voices, Deep Throat Choir & House Gospel Choir, drawing further influence from Bobby Mcferrin’s Voicestra, The Boxettes, Mountain Man, ROYST, The Soil, EKO, Verity Standen, Jen Bell's The Night Bus Choir and BOY. 


Founded by singer-songwriter and choral director, Isolde Freeth-Hale, supported by beatboxer, Jack Salt, and a core team of music professionals, this project has a spirit of collaboration at its heart, welcoming partnership with other established acts who share our vision and values, and are wishing to explore the potential of voice in progressive music making. 






In this Age of Change, the role of the artist is crucial in shaping our modern aesthetic, so that it can become one that truly celebrates and supports all of life. In recent years, the notion of ’Pop Music’  has sadly become a dirty word, falling short to an identity of superficial commerce and individualism when, in its essence, ‘Pop’ has been a music that is by, and for, the people, born directly out of a folk tradition. It has also been an arena where creativity, personal identity and a connection to something bigger than just ourselves, is explored and celebrated. But what has happened to the social commentary, and cultural vision in our mainstream music, that can give us guidance, empowerment, and hope for the future? And what has happened to all the voices that once used to sing together in nearly every pop act up until the 90s?


It’s all still there, beneath the over-production and material distraction, and we want to give it voice, 8 part harmony, and move it into the 21st Century. 


Throughout history, the coming together of voices has been key in the realisation of positive social change, the survival of the human spirit, and its connection to where we are. At its heart, this project aims to harness the transformative influence of music, as we move forward into unknown times, breathing further life into its potentiality with the power of musicians coming together to reclaim it. The artists and tracks we choose to work with, aim to share an experiential message of hope, creativity, connection, respect, people power & healing, and to support a new, sustainably sourced music industry.